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The No 'frillies' detail

Lingerie......Pants....Knickers.......Sexy.....Sex.....Confident...... Sensual.....Beautiful........Pinup......Heat........Women........Empowerment......Shapely.

What does a word mean? French in its origin its beautiful caressing word sounds so sexy in its own right however, its meaning basically is underwear or anything worn in bed!

Why is it then, there doesn't appear to be a just as sensual sounding word for the male under garments? Maybe there is, I'm just unaware!

I feel the word "lingerie" reflects the nature of women; highly detailed, beautiful, different shapes and forms, controlled, supportive, sensual, intricate, complicated and comes in an array of materials, silk, satin, chiffon, cotton and a personal favourite, lace. The sound of the word "lingerie" gives an instant sexy and confident feeling, yet so many women don't like to use it, they see it almost taboo like; essentially this taboo word is describing a bra and pants yet it gives so much more power.

If you break the word down to it etymological beginnings, this dominant word was first recorded in 1922 and in the more simpler form of "linge" meaning linen and women during these periods would regularly be seen to "faire de linge" (do the laundry); this simple everyday word has grown through times a bit like the women of the times and evolved into a powerful and wonderful thing of its own right, from structured boned rigid corsetry, to free flowing, stimulating pieces.

Chaleur lingerie is about encouraging women to feel all the feels that this simple word suggests. Powerful, confident, sexy, sensual and most importantly beautiful. Lingerie, Bra or Pants are there for all women regardless of shape and size and we encourage women to embrace it! Some women will shy away from it however lingerie will always be around and there will always be "bra and pants" that suit the nature of the woman choosing them - whether simple or classy to the sirens and dominatrix's' of the world.

Don't shy away from the word lingerie, start to use it and suddenly you may feel a little different in yourself.

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